Friday, May 11, 2012

The World in Just One Classroom

If you remember, there's a big geography project going on in (and right outside) Ms. Meadow's room. Since people from all around the world are taking an interest in us by visiting our blog, these third graders are returning the favor. They are researching the countries that have shown up on our visitors list and writing down an amazing fact about each one.

They have learned some impressive things. Here is something Raymond learned about Japan:

It's an amazing fact, but also an amazing looking creature!

Talking about spiky things, Andrea found out about a medical use for needles besides giving shots:

What does that look like? Well, check it out. In China, doctors sometimes use acupuncture instead of drugs when patients have an operation. The needles block the pain completely.

Meanwhile Molly went to the other side of the world to learn about the country of Brazil. It's a huge country, with a huge and long river called the Amazon. Here is one of the things that interested Molly the most:

And, why not? Look at this guy!