Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Part 2

Moms should know that they aren't just appreciated one day a year on Mother's Day. The first and second graders at the Perkins made sure their moms knew by holding a Mother's Day Tea!

Signs were put up.

Tables were set with flowers and hats (crowns, actually) and tea cups--all of which, the moms could take home.

Many moms, those who could, came to enjoy their day at school. Tea was actually served at the tea, of course, although moms who were coffee drinkers had that choice. Some dads came and chipped in by helping to serve.

Delicious cookies and cakes filled each classroom.

As they were sipping and munching, moms got to listen to songs their children had prepared.

They heard poems and essays about how great they are.

Sweets, presents, love--who wouldn't like a day like this one!?!