Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perkins Update

It's been a very quiet time on the Perkins' blog, hasn't it?  That's because it's a very, very busy time in the school.  Even though it seems as if school has been in session forever, there are many things that have to get accomplished at the beginning of the year. 

Learning, of course, then as always.  This week there is also a lot of testing going on.

Next week, however, things will start to rock!  We're starting our look at one of the biggest events happening this fall, here in Boston and throughout the country.  Is it Halloween?  NO!  It's the election for the president of the United States.

Soon, there will also be a big event that is happening right across the street.  Sometime this fall, we will be watching the builders take the first steps to renovating another section of Old Colony.  More lessons in architecture, planning, construction, jobs, math, and more!