Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gotta Love Our Teachers!

Ms. Smith

Mother's Day is coming up very soon, but moms aren't the only ones who deserve appreciation. Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and parents and kids at Perkins knew just what to do.

Ms. Leverett King

What is welcome during the school day? A delicious lunch, that's one thing. How does a catered spread with ziti, chicken, and broccoli sound? Or calzones, lasagna, meatballs and sausage? Don't forget the roasted potatoes and salad.

Ms. Haney

Then there were the flowers on the table and the two cakes for dessert.

Ms. Breneus

Food is a classic way to say, "Thank you." So is saying thank you! At the end of the school day, a parent got on the loudspeaker so her voice boomed through the building. Thank you, she said, we all appreciate each and every one of you. (Not just the ones we featured in pictures here.)

Ms. Lynch

Then the school burst into applause. In the classrooms, in the halls, our kids' claps and cheers showed that this is a real holiday to be celebrated.

Ms. Correa