Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to Kindergarten!

With the school year nearing a close, it's hard to imagine that some people are thinking about next September already. The kids who will be starting school for the very first time next fall are thinking about it, though. Their parents are too. So when they had a chance to drop by the Perkins yesterday for a tour, many soon-to-be kindergarteners and their parents came over.

Some of them went into a kindergarten class to see what it was like.

The current students in Ms. Mangini's class were glad to welcome them. They were also happy to announce some of their favorite things about going to school and being in kindergarten.

"My favorite thing is when I write the words on the board," said one kid.

"Learning the poems we do," another chimed in.

"Going outside to play."


"I like it every day!"

When it was time for the new students to continue on their tour, Ms. Mangini suggested that her class be polite. The big kids all waved and called out, "'Bye, nice to meet you!" That's a good welcome to the Perkins.

The kindergartens-to-be moved on to the second floor of the school, which is home to the first and second grade classrooms. They peeked in and looked at all the learning going on. They also hoisted themselves up to see the view from up there.

Then they went home. After all second grade, even next year, is a pretty long time away.