Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Hard to Let Our Children Go

Mrs. Haney's first grade class also had butterflies they had raised that were ready to release.  Actually the butterflies were more than ready.  The rainy weather had kept us and them inside.  Now it was time.

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Before we go out, Ms. Flaherty, our naturalist volunteer, asks the kids if they wonder anything about what will happen to the butterflies. The answers come flying in.

"I wonder where their homes will be."

"I wonder if they have sticky feet so they can stay on plants the way they stick on the top of their cage."

"I wonder if they are going to a better place than this classroom."

"Well, they are going to the place they are meant to be--outside," says Ms. Flaherty.

"Let's line up," says Ms. Haney.  

And, off we go.

Once we're in the outdoor classroom, Ms. Flaherty unzips the butterflies' home.  Suddenly one flies out and...

right onto Ms. Goodman's (our author-in-resident's) hand.  While this Painted Lady is getting ready for its next move, the kids say their goodbyes in the form of wishes.

"I hope you live a happy life."

"I hope God makes you food."

"Thank you, butterfly," Ms. Haney adds, "for allowing us to help you grow. It was a privilege to have you in our classroom."

Then, it flies out into the world!

Finally the only ones left in the cage are the two born with injured wings.  We decide to put them down gently on a flowering bush nearby.

"The injured ones are going to live a harder life," says Ms. Flaherty, "but we'll give them the best change we can."

"I like to think of them as survivors," said Ms. Haney.

Then all the first graders walked to the bush and watch their last two butterflies settle on a place, hopefully to live and thrive.

Goodbye, butterflies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Look at Our Stories

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It took us a little while to post this story, so Ms. Enos's English Language Learners may be writing books by now. It's hard enough to learn to write.  It's hard enough to learn a new language.  Look what they can do! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Way to Go, Ms. Correa!

Parents University has been a program sponsored by the Boston Public School since 2009.  It gives Boston parents an opportunity to sharpen their own skills so they can help their children learn and grow.  This month, Parent's U. honored someone who has worked very, very hard to make it a successful program...our own Ms. Correa!

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Here is Ms. Correa, holding her award.  This photo gives us the added advantage of seeing Mr. Craig Martin, who will become Perkins' new principal next September.

What did Ms. Correa do to earn this award?  Here is what the presenter said when she called Ms. Correa up to receive it: 

Evelyn has really embraced the concept of Parent University and parent learning for
academic success.  Evelyn has worked to have Parent U sessions at her school and in the South Boston community. She has committed to support the office work of Parent University in ways that go above and beyond her call of  duty, including changing her family vacation plans to staff a learning session. She has staffed Parent University events, learned and co-taught math classes, led her own Spanish math sessions and co-facilitated the Mind Matters: Families Make the Difference sessions for parents.

Way to go, Ms. Correa.  We are lucky to have her.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Who Wins the Race? Our Third Grade Class.

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As we mentioned last post, Ms. Bishop's third grade class has been studying a book called Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. The kids have used this adventurous, rich tale to learn how to do many different analytic and writing skills.  They are also working on many of the new Common Core standards, as you can see.

Here are some of the interesting ways they are accomplishing these tasks.  Who says learning can't be fun?

In fact, here is a close-up example of one of the articles.  Nice job, Dominick!

The kids learned so much.  We learned so much too.  The only thing we don't know is how their poster got wet!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Author Studies Start Early at the Perkins

As you will see in our next post, the kids in Ms. Bishop's class did an indepth study of a book they read.  They looked at plot and characters and many other aspects of writing.  That is a third grade thing to do--but, not only a third grade thing to do.

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Ms. Smith's kindergarten class read three books!  They did what we call an author study.  They read several books by the same author (and, in this case, an author who draws his own pictures too).  They talked about the books, their different plots or stories.

Unlike the third graders, these kindergarteners then voted on which story they liked better.  They also had to support their choice with a reason.  Here are a few examples:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Building UP

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Here is the view from the front door of the Perkins School.  The kids inside our school clearly aren't the only ones who are busy.  The construction crews across the street have been working every Monday through Friday.  Even in the rain.  Even on April and February vacations!

As you may know from reading our blog, they are building Phase 2 of the Old Colony renovation.  As you can see here, Phase 2 is going up right next to Phase 1.   

School is almost over, but not work on the construction site.  What will it look like when we come back next September!?!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Do you want a Perkins' School t-shirt?  You're lucky.  There is an extension on ordering one of our new Perkins' t-shirts!

However, you'd better get on it.  Your order form and $14 have to be in the main office by this Wednesday. (p.s.--that's tomorrow!) 

Don't lose this opportunity to have a new shirt for the summer and to help the Perkins School fund their art supplies for next year.