Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Timelines, Three History Lessons

Ms. Leverett-King's first grade class studied timelines. They made this timeline of prominent African-Americans that started with the people you can see above and stretched all the way around the corner to include people like Oprah Winfrey, President Obama and Michael Jordan.

Since they were timeline experts, Susan E. Goodman, the Perkins School author-in-residence, came to their classroom to share a timeline she wrote about in her book, On This Spot. In this book, Ms. Goodman took the kids on a journey back through time. Using one bustling spot in New York City, she showed them how it was once home to a great forest, then earlier, glaciers that were miles thick, even earlier, dinosaurs, then mountains, then a tropical sea.

After reading them the book, Ms. Goodman had the kids figure out another timeline. She picked objects out of a big yellow bag--everything from a T. Rex (a plastic one!) to a picture of a Pilgrim to a telephone. The kids had to arrange them on a timeline that started "A Long Time Ago" to "Now."

They did a good job, didn't they?