Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kindergarten Adventure: Name that Crane, Part 3

Our last post reported on the kindergarteners' trip to visit the new crane, the one they will name by voting in a democratic election within the next few weeks.

Today's post will tell you what happened after the kids returned from their outing.

First, lunch.
Then, in Ms. Breneus's classroom, the kids had some free time to play. Over on the rug, lots of kids started a construction site of their own. When asked what he was working on, Daud said, "A crane, of course." Then he stretched its boom up high.

The kids started talking about possible names for the crane on the construction site.
"I want to call it Super Crane," said one boy.
"I want to call it Beautiful," a girl replied.
"Me," said Daud, "I like the name Lifty."


Later that afternoon, the kids turned to writing about their day.

Here is a description from Ms. Breneus's class:

Here's what the kids in Ms. Smith's class had to say. They wrote it as a class, using the interactive writing method described in a past blog.