Monday, March 7, 2011

Ask the Experts: What's a Crosby Clip?

The last few posts have been describing the kindergarteners' adventure visiting the huge 400-ton crane on our construction site that they are going to be able to name. If you scroll down a post or two, you'll see that they all got a Crosby clip to take home with them.

But what's a Crosby clip besides a funny looking piece of metal with two nuts on it? And why do they have so many of them on the construction site?

The kids couldn't guess. Their teachers didn't know. It was time to...


So we did.

This time our expert is Mike Moore. He is the superintendent of the construction project. That means he watches over everything that is happening across the street. He makes sure work is running smoothly. He solves the problems that come up--which can include explaining how Crosby clips are used on the site.

So what is that little thing called a Crosby clip? Turns out it is a lifesaver!

Look carefully at the picture above and you will see a wire rope that goes all around the perimeter of the steel. Crosby clips help keep that rope tight and strong. (If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you may actually be able to see these clips in action!)

That wire rope saves lives. It can keep an ironworker from accidentally walking off the building. It also lets the ironworkers have something to clip their safety harness onto when they are working near the edge. If a worker is "tied on" and accidently slips, he or she can not fall to the ground. Phew!