Thursday, March 17, 2011

See How They Run: The Crane Campaign

Our last post chronicled our two kindergarten classes each selecting their nominee for the name of the 400-ton crane across the street that is dominating the construction site. And now the campaign begins.

"We have a big job to do," says Ms. Breneus to her class (Ward B!). "We want to convince people to vote for our name. So think, think, think why Clifford is a good name."

"Clifford the Dog is really big."

"And so is the crane!"

These sounded like good reasons. So, one by one, the students came up to write their campaign poster until it was done and ready to post in the wall.

One question the kids came up with is: What will happen if we end up with a tie? Lilah suggested that one student from each class compete in a game--maybe cards--and whoever won would determine the winning name. Hmmm, we will have to check the rules on this one.

Here's the poster that Ward S, Ms. Smith's classroom came up with to convince us that Big Giraffe is the best name for the crane. They also added some pictures to the mix.

The kids will be thinking about their choices over their day off on Thursday and ready to vote when they return. Friday is Voting Day! And, Pizza Day, someone from Ward B added. So it will be a great day all around.