Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks for the Memories!

This is a beam, a piece of steel that weighs over 500 pounds. It's painted white so it looks nice and clean, but not for long....

"This is the last beam that is going to go up onto the building," explains Principal Brawer. "The construction workers paint it white so they can all sign their names on it. As a special favor to us, because they have loved working near us, they are letting us sign it too."

And so we did. For two days, in groups of fives and sevens, all the kids in the school came out to sign the beam.

Kids from every grade--kindergarten through fifth. Teachers signed too, and some parents, and the school bus drivers!

Don't worry, the construction workers will sign the other side of the beam, which is painted white too.

When they put beam in place, it will be completely covered over by inside walls and outside walls. But we will all still know that we are part of this building forever.