Monday, March 19, 2012

Showtime! (almost)

The kids worked so hard. They practiced for so long. It seemed like forever. Then it was over in a minute.

Instead of just saying Evacuation Day, The Musical was wonderful and leaving it at that, we thought we would spend a few posts this week reporting on the experience.

Ask any actor, things feel very, very different once you are in costume.

Suddenly you feel your part. You take the whole thing much more seriously.

Scenery also makes things much more dramatic!

Kids worked with our art teachers to paint the beautiful street scene of colonial Boston. It was based on an illustration from our book, written and illustrated by our own students, Why Do We Celebrate Evacuation Day?

Our props weren't too shabby either. How about this cannon?

Do you know what was the best of all? Our audience! Parents, teachers, friends, neighbors came to see the show--all four performances.

The mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, even came to see the show.

Do you wish you had been there? Well, perhaps we can reproduce some of it for you on the blog this week.