Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Play Continued

The kids learned a lot of history while doing Evacuation Day, the Musical. They learned about how the colonialists increasingly resented the British having power over them. They also learned how the colonialists managed to drive the British out of Boston without bloodshed.

How? Well, here's the short story. Take a look...

#1 General Howe and the Redcoats bragged about their power over the colonists.
A mistake!

#2 The colonialists didn't like the British attitudes and actions.

#3 The colonists asked General George Washington for help kicking the British out of Boston.

#4 Henry Knox worked with General Washington in protecting Boston and the colonists by bringing cannons over the Berkshire Mountains to Boston. The British had no idea this was happening!

#5 Eventually the British found out the hard way. The colonialists faced off against them on Dorchester Heights (which is right near the Perkins School!) Guess who won!

The Redcoats left Boston and the curtain goes down on our play and this incident in history.

The play is over for this year. Amazingly enough, the kids got to sing a few of the best songs from it once more--this time in front of Boston's Mayor Menino AND the Governor of Massachusetts.

When? How? You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!