Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

The answer to the famous question in today's title is, "Practice, practice, practice!"

Practicing can also get you to the former Head Start Building on Patterson Way, right next door to the Perkins Scool. That's where our kids are memorizing and running through their parts for Evacuation Day, the Musical! They are also learning the melodies so they can sing some of those lines as well as saying others. They are learning their blocking, knowing where to move and exactly when so there isn't, well, a messy revolution up on stage. Except for the American Revolution, that is!

Here is a picture of the first Evacuation Day, George Washington and the colonialists watching the British leave Boston (oops, we hope we didn't spoil the ending of the play for you!).

Here are some pictures of the Perkins kids who are playing colonialists...

Airing their complaints about the British (you know, soldiers taking over their houses, taxation without representation, that kind of stuff). As you can see, they are pretty angry about it.

Here they are deciding what to do about their complaints.

What did they decide? We are going to leave some surprises for you, but remember that a line in one of the musical's original songs is, "Did you ever hear of a victory with no blood?"

We're not going to tell you what happens next, but look at the colonialist all the way to the left in this picture. She looks pretty happy, doesn't she?

Stayed tuned. Evacuation Day is only about a week away!