Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Rehearsal

"What are we going over today?" one actor asked.

"Colonialists, British, George Washington, and Henry Knox if we have time," her friend answered.

No doubt about it, the kids are learning their history. As they run through the first scenes, Mr. Stanfield is giving them an ongoing lesson in stage craft as well.

"Don't lean against the wall. On performance day that will be the scenery, Colonial Boston."

"Speak so they can hear you all the way downtown."

"Use big movements!"

"Your characters are happy here. Smile when you sing. Smile when you dance. That's what the audience will love."

"Alright, now at the end of the song hold your positions and wait for the applause."
"Hey kids, the audience does the clapping, not you!"

The colonialists and the British managed to remember the precise way they were to squabble through the first several scenes. Sometime they needed a bit of help remembering their lines.

Everyone, however, remembered what they were supposed to do when General George Washington came onto the stage at the beginning of Scene IV (or Scene 4, if you haven't learned Roman numerals). They snapped to a salute. They also remembered the words to yet another original song, "Hail to the General," written just for Evacuation Day, the Musical.

It was a great scene, except for just one problem--the general had to leave early before agreeing to fight the British. He had to be home by four.