Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World in Mrs. Meadow's Class

We're doing it again!

Mrs. Meadows has found a new fun way to teach her third graders geography. She tried it last year and liked it so much that she's trying it again.

Our blog has many readers in Boston, the United States, even all over the world. Mrs. Meadow's has decided to teach her students something about the people who are learning about us. The kids will all be assigned the countries our visitors come from, learn where they are and what continent they're in. Then they will write up some of the most interesting facts they have found. Last year, for example, some of the kids on the project discovered that some people in Japan grow miniature trees called bonsai and that Serbia is the raspberry capital of the world!

What will this year bring? Who knows. One thing we do know is that the kids will be working hard. Last year they had a list of 38 visiting countries to learn about. At the beginning of the project this year, there were forty-three!

And little does Mrs. Meadows know--this morning number 44, Latvia, came to look at our site!