Friday, February 17, 2012

Today is our last day before February vacation. The teachers decided to give our hard-working students a break. So we aren't sending them off with any MCAS math work. We thought our readers might miss reading about math on Fridays, however. That's why we're posting some pictures of our Mathematics Expert bulletin board. It's so important that it is located in the main hall of our school.

The board not only explains what an expert is, it also shows our week's experts in math--kids who completed their MCAS math homework impeccably (If you don't know what impeccable means, look it up so you can start to become a vocabulary expert!).

It's nice to have experts around. They know enough about a subject that they can help other kids who need to catch up.

Have a question about length units? Just ask Marcus. Maybe he can explain them to you.

That is, after he gets back from VACATION!