Monday, February 27, 2012

Save Energy. It's Magic!

In the days leading up to February vacation, a lot of special things happened at the Perkins School. If you scroll back to a few of our older posts, you'll remember the firefighters' visit to Ms. Haney's class and the beginning rehearsals for Evacuation Day, the Musical! We didn't have the time or space to let you know everything that happened. So this week, we'll report in on some of those other events.

One of the wonderful things about having Phase 1 of Old Colony done is that we finally have an auditorium--even if it's across the block. The Tierney Learning Center was built so people from our community could have a place to meet and, well, learn. That's what our first and second graders did.

The Perkins's very first use of Tierney's big meeting room was to meet with Joules the NSTAR Energy Wizard. Joules showed the kids some magic tricks. He made the Earth disappear, which was quite a trick even if it was a small wooden version. He turned ice into water and then back to ice again.

He also taught the kids to be energy wizards. He told them some amazing tricks about saving energy. Saving energy means saving money, but it also saves the Earth. When you save energy, there will be more left for later.

When you go the fridge because you're hungry, for example, don't leave the door open while you are making your snack. Leaving the refrigerator open is like trying to cool down your entire kitchen. Shut the door!

When you use lights and you are done being in that room, turn them off!

Also, if every American home replaced just one old light bulb with a new fluorescent one, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year. People would save a lot of money too.

By the end of the show, kids had learned to be energy wizards. Let's hope they shared some of their new tricks with the rest of their families.