Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reading is Fundamental

In the days leading up to February vacation, a lot of special things happened at the Perkins School. If you scroll back to a few of our older posts, you'll remember the firefighters' visit to Ms. Haney's class and the beginning rehearsals for Evacuation Day, the Musical! We didn't have the time or space to let you know everything as it occurred. So this week, we're reporting on some of those other events. Monday's post was about the Magic Show.

Today we're showing you our special version of Reading is Fundamental Day--all the readers who came to visit our classrooms were men and women in uniform. We also had a canine visitor as well, but Yahtzee didn't do any reading. She has another job. When she's not visiting kids in school, she works with Officer Cunningham to sniff out the causes of fires around our part of Massachusetts. She has worked to find the cause of over 350 fires in the last four years.

After Officer Cunningham read a book about firefighters to the kindergarteners, he decided to show them Yahtzee at work. He gave a few of them little sticks with a drop of a chemical on them. Then he went into the hall so the kids could hide them wherever they wanted...

...Meanwhile in Ms. Muenkel's class, State Trooper Ahearn was already answering some questions from the fifth graders. This time Reading is Fundamental Day was also doubling as a job fair, giving the kids a chance to learn about different jobs for the future.

Officer Ahearn was telling the kids that getting good grades and learning discipline would help them, whether they wanted to be a state trooper, a doctor, or get a scholarship to play basketball in college.


 Ms. Murphy's class, some of the second graders were reading along with Officer Mitchell, who is a security guard at Longwood Security.

After reading and talking about her future career in the Air Force, ROTC Cadet Krause got some hugs from Ms. Haney's first graders--and her picture taken.

All over the school, in every class, kids were learning about new jobs and reading new books. Ms. Meadow's class was especially lucky. They had two readers, and got to hear the first chapter of The Hobbit! Meanwhile...

...Yahtzee was working hard in the kindergarten. She found every tiny stick that the kids tried to hide.

She did her job, and why not? Each time she discovered a new one, she got lots of pets--and a treat!