Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evacuation Day Reflections #3

Our school play, Evacuation Day, the Musical, is over, but its effects are not. Even after school vacation, you can still hear a few kids humming as they move through the halls.

Other outcomes may not be as visible, but they are just as important, maybe even more. Being in a play, trying hard, working in a group--these actions have an effect too. Before they start thinking, Evacuation Day, what?, we'll report a few more times about how some of the kids felt being involved in the production.

Ilikeya is the young lady right in the front of this picture:

I think I look funny in this picture. In the play, I had so much fun – all the songs and the acting, and all the hard work that we did. I hadn’t ever been in a musical play before.

I was a British soldier. When they had to do the cannons, the colonists were supposed to shoot you, but they actually didn’t. Evacuation Day was all about the fun and not killing you. The thing that I know about the play is that nobody is supposed to rule the world. It’s everybody’s world and that’s why the colonists didn’t want to have fights and wanted the British to leave because the British were all like bossy and the taxes. That’s it. I put all my information in there.