Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Evacuation Day Reflections #1

Our school play, Evacuation Day, the Musical, is over, but its effects are not. You can still hear a few kids humming as they move through the halls. A few more copies of the Perkins School's book, Why Do We Celebrate Evacuation Day?, can be seen on shelves and desks than usual.

Other outcomes may not be as visible, but they are just as important, maybe even more. Being in a play, trying hard, working in a group--these actions have an effect too. Occasionally, for a while, we'll report on how some of the kids felt being involved in the production.

To start off, here's Shakira, who played patriot Henry Knox.

When I was in the Jungle Book show last year, I quit because I was too shy. I think it was the day of the show that I quit. But this year, it was different because my friends were there, and they were saying, “It’s okay,” and that I don’t need to be shy. When I got on stage, I wasn’t shy at all – also because my Mom was there. The first time, it felt like only she was watching me, so I was able to concentrate. The day that the mayor came, I was able to focus because I was so excited, He was in the front seat. I knew that I would be able to focus if I looked at the crowd and at him. I kind of felt inspired. I knew that if I did a good job, we would be able to do another performance because the mayor might think we did a good job. I also knew I would do a good job because I was playing Henry Knox and Henry Knox is the leader. He was the brains of Evacuation Day – so I knew I couldn’t be shy and give up because the colonists needed me!