Monday, November 28, 2011

The World in Just One School

Every day is like the United Nations at the Perkins School, given all the different countries our students or their families have come from. One day last week, however, was extra special.

Our kindergarten and third grade classes had a visitor from Rwanda. Sister Felicity came to see what kind of books our school has for students in these grades, and if any would be good for the kids she works with in Africa. It turns out that Rwanda has decided to turn their official language from French to English. Wow, now it isn't just their kids who will be going to school!

Up in Ms. Enos's classroom, kids who moved from different countries to Boston and our school were learning about Thanksgiving. They started with the basics: cider and pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

Two of our new students come from Vietnam. So seeing teachers dressed like Pilgrims is a whole new experience!

It was also our new music teacher's first day at the Perkins. Ms. Lynch was conducting her class outside so the kids could play a game and sing loud. The kids were playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. But they were playing it the way children do in Japan.
In the Japanese version, two people stand on a piece of paper facing each other. They sing a song (in Japanese, of course). At the end of tune, they throw out their hand signal for rock, paper or scissors.

The loser must fold his or her paper in half. Then it's time for another round--the song and the draw. The game goes on until one of them can no long balance on a piece of paper that has gotten smaller and smaller with each loss.

No matter who wins, learning a song in Japanese is a victory for everyone!