Monday, June 20, 2011

It's the Culture Alert, Part 3

Perhaps you remember that Ms. Alert's third grade class is studying different cultures. When the kids realized that so many of their parents or grandparents came from a different culture, they decided to interview them about some of the differences in habits and attitudes found in their home countries. Then our author-in-residence, Ms. Goodman, showed them how to conduct an interview by doing one with Ms. Alert, who was born in Guyana.

Well, the first reports are in--

Here is Shakira's interview about life in Belize:

Looks like their houses were on stilts; they didn't really celebrate birthdays; and, they had huge breakfasts. Also sounds like people are a bit less polite here. Click on the papers, to make it easy to read the details.

And here is what Hibaq learned about living in Somalia:

When you come from Somalia to the United States, the cold is really hard to get used to. And kids there wear uniforms when they go to school.

Well, some things are very different. What will some of the rest of the kids find out from interviewing their families?
And what kind of things will they discover are the same--all over the world?