Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes It Pays to Ask a Few Questions!

Kids in science class have been learning how to make a survey. These are the questions they are using to learn more about who goes to the Michael J. Perkins and some of their ideas about the renovation project. We know the survey is a little hard to read here, just click on it to make it larger.

These fourth and fifth graders discovered that there are many hard things about doing a survey. It's hard to get around to every classroom in the Perkins. Some kids filling out the survey don't answer every question. The students aren't finished working with the survey yet, but here is their report on how it's going so far(remember, clicking on it makes it easier to read):


The kids who wrote the report said that they would like to interview some of "the people in charge." Well, luckily the people who are working on Old Colony's renovation read the blog all the time. Two of them are coming to the Perkins School this Thursday, November 18th, to answer some of the questions.

Then these students will have a lot more to report!

Meanwhile, this week while we're waiting for these fourth and fifth graders to write up what they learned, we'll report a little more about the survey.

Question 11 of the survey asked Perkins' students: How do you think the construction and all the new building will affect our school?

Question 12 asked: How do you feel about these changes?

The next two blog posts will give some examples of the answers. Stay tuned!