Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perkins Students Speak Out on Question #11!

If you read our last post, you'd know that many kids at the Perkins took this survey a while ago. And we promised to report some of the opinions they expressed on the survey.

Today we are listing some of the answers kids gave to Question #11, which asked: How do you think these changes (construction and all the new buildings) will affect our school? Here are some of the things our students said. We do not know who said what. These surveys are anonymous. That means that no one put their name on their paper so they could feel comfortable saying whatever they wanted to say.

How do you think these changes (construction and all the new buildings) will affect our school?

Here are a range of fifth grade opinions:
*These changes will affect our school because it is going to distract us.
*It will be a nice place and we will meet new people.
*I think it will affect our learning because the loudness will go though the windows and then we won't get to hear directions.
*I don't think it will.
*I don't think it will affect the school because they are just buildings.
*It will make our school a better place and community.
*Well, because there is going to be alot of noise and people have to move out of their houses and they can't come to this school because they are so far away.
*I think it will make our school better probably.

Here are some of the things the fourth graders had to say:
*They will make noises.
*I don't know.
*It will amase us.
*I think it wouldn't effect our school.
*It might chip it!
*The buildings will be dearly missed from students.
*We could make it a better place.

Now some of the third graders give their views:
*It affects our school because some of us have to move.
*I don't know how the changes will affect our school.
*I'm gonna feel happy to meet new friends.
*I think these changes will affect our school because people who walk(ed) will be bussers.
*Because maby some kids in the school lived in them.
*I think there will be more students because there going to be better.
*I fell kind of happy because their gonna be new apartments.
*I think that there will be more trees and the school would look more green.
*That it is going to make it dusty and make it hard to see.
*It makes all of us great.

Lots of second graders answered the question by saying they did not know. Others said:
*all the noise.
*we won't be abal to learn we might feget what it is and the ansaws 2
*it will make nous then we cant here a thing.
*A little bitty exited!