Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perkins Students Speak Out on Question #12!

If you read our last post, you'd know that many kids at the Perkins took this survey a while ago. And we promised to report some of the opinions they expressed on it.

Today we are listing some of the answers kids gave to Question #12, which asked: How do you feel about all the changes (that are going on with the construction and the renovation)? Here are some of the things our students said. We do not know who said what. These surveys are anonymous. That means that no one put their name on their paper so they could feel comfortable saying whatever they wanted to say.

How do you feel about all the changes (that are going on with the construction and the renovation)?

Some of the fifth graders said:
*I fell happy cause I think I want to move thier.
*I feel great that they finally started to make some improvements where I live.
*I feel that Old Colony is a great place and should not be torn down.
*I feel great about the changes because maybe when they build the houses some of the students will come back.
*I feel sad about the changes because the people won't have anywhere to sleep in. (We want to reassure every student that every family that lived in the buildings being torn down found a new place to live first.)
*A little sad but happy because I'm going to a new place and a new school.
*It does not matter to me. I don't live there.
*I think that the Old Colony Project will look better and be a more safer place to live. I feel pretty good.

Some of the fourth graders:
*sad because I am from South Boston.
*I feel kind of exited.
*I feel sad for the people who lived there and the people who might feel sad.
*I feel happy because people will see new houses.
*I don't like it.
*I feel good about the changes.
*I will miss the old buldings and naborhood
*I feel that this is the right choise because we really need new apartments!
*I know that nothing will be the same again.
*I feel excited, nervous, and sad because I have to meet new friends.
*I feel happy because they are gonna make it better.

The third graders had their opinions too:
*I feel sad because I have to leave my old home.
*I think it will be nice to live in a plas that has been worked on.
*I feel worried about the changes because my mom didn't really dicide what we are going to do during the constructions.
*I feel fine about the changes.
*I feel glad there are going to be changes.
*good because they are going to make it more sptiale.
*little glad
*I fell shoct, because they shouldn't do that.
*I fell happy for the people because they gonna have better apartment.
*It is not going to feel the same.

Many second graders weren't exactly sure how they felt, but here are some who did:
*it makes me sad because I love these buildings.
*good are houses are gonna be clean
*Sad because they are going to dstory the aprments and I live there.
*Im sad. I'm sad because the people are moving.
*I fal sad
*happy and sad
*really really happy!!!