Friday, October 26, 2012

On Your Mark...

As you can see, Mrs. B. is going to town with all her new fitness and wellness features.!  You've already read about Boston Bikes and all the Perkins kids who are now clambering to get on two wheels.  If you look a little harder on this sign, you'll also see another project that's new to our school: Russell Runs with Perkins.


Some of our kids have signed up to start learning track and will eventually run with the Russell Elementary nearby.  Here are our first volunteers and the numbers are growing.  These kids are ready to run their hearts out twice a week until the second week in December.

Learning how to use the starting blocks is still a goal for the future. This very first session the kids each ran (with a little walking now and then) their first mile.  That's four times around the track at Moakley Park.  These times will be their baselines, something to race against as they get stronger and faster.

On your mark, get set....GO!