Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look Who is in our Hallway!

It's getting close to November 6th and look who is standing in the front hall of the Perkins School.  We wish we could actually have President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney here.  On the other hand, they wouldn't be able to stay sot long.  Our principal, Mr. Brawer, brought in some cardboard replicas so we can start thinking about All Things Election.  He also wrote out some questions for our kids to chew on.


The kids have started thinking.  Hector, for example, wants to know about the first question, who gets to vote.  He knows you have to be eighteen years old.  Can every 18-year-old in America vote, he wonders.

Hector did say that if he could vote, he would pick President Obama.  Why?  "I would vote for him, because he was the first black president," he said.

Sumeiya said she was interested in the question: How does the losing candidate act when the election is finished and why?  Her thoughts?  "He will act mature," she said.  But, how would be feel?  "Sad," she answers.

Sumeiya definitely knows who she would vote for, but when asked, she decided not to tell.  She has already learned that she doesn't have to.  Every American can keep their political choices private if they want.  That's part of our democracy.  

What else will the kids learn?  Stay tuned.