Saturday, June 9, 2012

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

June 7th was Mentor and Educator's Day at Fenway Park. So Team Michael J. Perkins School decided to play ball!

Wait...who is up there on the Jumbotron ? It's our own Ms. Meadows! She is one of the educators being honored on the field. Ms. Meadows has taught in the Boston Public School system and at the Perkins for many years. She is retiring this June. She's so great, we would retire her number--if she had one!

However wonderful, Ms Meadow is only one star from our team. Here she is, back in the dugout with Ms. Muenkel, another retired All Star, Ms, Dewire, and high-scoring Ms. Alert and Ms. McDonough. In the upper row, our temporarily benched Ms. Murphy (ready to play again in September).

Ms. McDonough, our computer teacher, brought her family to help cheer on Team Perkins (and the Red Sox).

Art teacher, Ms. Yazbeck brought her nephew.

Thanks to our manager, Principal Brawer, we all had our red t-shirt uniforms.

But we already knew we were a team!

A lovely night for us and all Red Sox fans--the Sox shut out the Orioles, 7-0.