Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving On

There are many graduations happening all over the Perkins School. Kindergarteners now know their letters and will use them in new ways in first grade next fall. Third graders will be coming back to the fourth grade. We have some graduates, however, who will not be back at the Perkins. Our fifth grade class is moving on to middle school.

This is a momentous occasion worthy of celebration. And we had a good one!

Our graduating class of 2012!

Several fifth graders made speeches. Here are some snippets of what they said:

"I thank my great-grandmother for helping me succeed so I can move on to my next goals."

"I know we had our ups and downs in our fifth grade. I'm sorry...I will miss your faces when I wake up in the morning."

"I want to thank my family and teachers who pushed me harder and harder to be who I should be...I love you, Mom!"

Then special awards were given out for lots of different reasons: the student who made the most improvement, and the one who excelled in class participation, achievement awasrds in reading and writing and math, outstanding musical talent, as well as conduct, a science award, overall academic excellence, and the mayor's school spirit award. We have a very talented class.

Principal Brawer agreed. "You helped make our school better," he said.

Then everybody got the most important certificate--their Moving On Diploma.

The kids got their diplomas, the audience got a song and dance, then cheered and cheered.

The kids looked proud and so were we!

It's a wonderful way for us to end the school year.