Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green Up, Clean Up Day

Most of the time, our Perkins kids work INSIDE the school. Last Saturday they worked on the outside--at least most of the time. It was Green Up, Clean Up Day at the Perkins! Luckily it was a blue, sunshine day.

Lots of people showed up, students, parents, and staff. Mr. Moore, a former teacher here, now a professor at University of Rhode Island, brought up a bunch of his student to do their community service requirement. We were glad to have them be part of our community for the day. Someone estimated that we had about 50 people working there.

What were they doing?

Outside, people were greening up and cleaning up. They were picking up paper and glass. They were sweeping up other trash from the schoolyard.

They were greening up too.

First the weeds had to come out (although they were green!).

Then kids and adults smoothed the soil and began to plant.

They put in flowers to make our schoolyard beautiful now.

They dug deeper to put in bulbs to bloom in Spring.

They planted bushes too.

Inside, people were also working.

They were organizing our science books so kids will have an easily accessible library that teaches them facts about electricity and the plants they are working with in the schoolyard.

There was also time for crafts.

A good day was had by all! As Ms. Correa said, "This is a way that we can take ownership of our school."