Monday, October 17, 2011

Bark About Books!

Our wonderful (former) intern Sadye Sagov is back to school herself at Brandeis University, but last Friday she was at the Perkins School. Here is her report of the day's event:

Mr. Brawer and I brought all of the first graders together to celebrate a successful summer adventure of reading through Read Boston. The majority of kids had participated- getting books in the mail, reading them with their families, and sending postcards of their thoughts to the Read Boston office.

As a result, they got some mail back as well--a new book!
They loved the books and many kept going, reading more than just the ones the program sent! After a celebration of chocolate and stickers for all, a few special readers got shirts for sending all of their postcards back.

Here are just three of them modeling their new clothes.

Hopefully even more kids will get shirts next summer!