Friday, September 30, 2011

Our First Look at Phase Two

Last May, the kids of the Perkins School attended a ceremony. There, they saw a check, a check that was enormous in more ways than one. First it was big enough that both Senator Kerry and Mayor Menino had to hold onto it. Then, it was written for the sum of twenty-two million dollars. That's a huge amount of money!

The money will help build Phase 2 of Old Colony's renovation. Even though it's a bit hard to imagine what it will look like from drawings--they are what we have at the moment.

Look carefully on the right side of the plan. That's Phase 1, which is getting closer and closer to being done every single day. A little higher up and a little more to the left is Phase 2. It's the section with bits of peach, orange and green--with letters all over it. That won't begin for a while, but it's next.

Most importantly, what's in the middle?

We are! The Michael J. Perkins School! That means that we get to watch the process all over again, but now from different sets of windows. We have a second chance to catch up on all we missed!