Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr. Brawer's Contest is Coming!

It's the third day of school. Teachers are still learning names of new kids. They are still passing out supplies. And we just learned on Friday that the Perkins is going to have a new kindergarten class of 23 kids that started on Monday!!!! That makes three of them.

While the school is settling down for a year of learning, the blog is going to give you your first glimpse of a feature that you will see all year:

Mr. Brawer's Contest

At certain points throughout the year, our Principal, Mr. Brawer, is going to ask a question. And ANYBODY can try to answer it--kids, parents, construction workers on the site, anyone. If you know the answer--GREAT! Even a guess or a partial explanation is fine. We can work together and build bits of information together until we get it!

A contest usually has a prize at the end of it, doesn't it? What is the prize for winning this contest?

Only Mr. Brawer knows!