Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tracking Our Visitors: Another Geography Lesson

Here's the map again--the one that identifies where in the world our blog visitors come from. Perhaps you remember that the kids from Ms. Meadows' third grade class are researching each one of these countries and some of the amazing things that happen in them.

Georgia, for example, learned that the world's largest insect egg comes from this Malaysian stick bug. The egg is about the size of a peanut!

Angel learned that Spain has a national holiday on October 12th because it was the date that Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.

What other cool things have the kids learned about the world? Check it out!
(And remember to click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

And don't think this is the last post about this project. There are a lot more countries to go! By now, people in 33 countries around the world have checked out the Michael J. Perkins School Blog. How amazing is that?