Sunday, November 24, 2013

Power of Date Night

Greetings MJP Families!

When was the last time you had a “date night” or “hangout” with your kiddo(s)? Interestingly enough, children of families who build in at least an hour of quality one-on-one time throughout the week are more motivated in school, score higher academically, and overall are well-adjusted and happier students.  Some parents may retort: “But I have to work two jobs…” “I have three kids…how do I fit it in?” “ I am just tired…I need help!” 

Quality date nights can be 15 – 20 minutes of exclusive time anywhere at anytime where your child can check-in and just experience “be” with you.  Some ideas on how to make this work:
·         Grocery shopping: Have them plan a meal menu and budget for items.
·         Host a family game night
·         Have a picnic in the living room
·         Make cookies
·         Visit a museum
·         Fold paper airplanes and test them out
·         Go on an adventure

These ideas/activities and more can transform the attitude and altitude of your child.  Try one out tonight.