Monday, June 17, 2013

Way to Go, Ms. Correa!

Parents University has been a program sponsored by the Boston Public School since 2009.  It gives Boston parents an opportunity to sharpen their own skills so they can help their children learn and grow.  This month, Parent's U. honored someone who has worked very, very hard to make it a successful program...our own Ms. Correa!

Click on the picture to make it larger.

Here is Ms. Correa, holding her award.  This photo gives us the added advantage of seeing Mr. Craig Martin, who will become Perkins' new principal next September.

What did Ms. Correa do to earn this award?  Here is what the presenter said when she called Ms. Correa up to receive it: 

Evelyn has really embraced the concept of Parent University and parent learning for
academic success.  Evelyn has worked to have Parent U sessions at her school and in the South Boston community. She has committed to support the office work of Parent University in ways that go above and beyond her call of  duty, including changing her family vacation plans to staff a learning session. She has staffed Parent University events, learned and co-taught math classes, led her own Spanish math sessions and co-facilitated the Mind Matters: Families Make the Difference sessions for parents.

Way to go, Ms. Correa.  We are lucky to have her.