Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Overdue Introduction to Leo

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This is a lovely letter from Brianna to Gecko, a welcome letter for when Gecko arrived in Ms. Murphy's second grade classroom.  It is heartfelt, but not entirely accurate. Gecko is the second graders' class pet.  They chose him (her?) in a true democratic process.  So it's fair to say that she (he?) is everybody's pet--at least, until summer vacation.  

Perhaps you remember way back in November, Ms. Murphy's class decided upon their class pet using the democratic process (reported on in four consecutive posts) .  They thought about the possible candidates--their advantages and disadvantages. What better way to learn to be a good citizen, especially at the same time another election was going on.  First they formed parties, so they could examine all the pros and cons of three animal choices.  (The idea of a cat never made the final cut.)

Their next move was to form three parties and begin planning their campaigns.  There's nothing better to sell your case than a good-looking poster.  Go Fish!  Go Hermit Crab!     Go Gecko!

Part of any campaign's goal is to convince voters that your choice is the best one. After presenting their speeches, The Fish Party, The Hermit Crab Party and The Gecko Party all understood that one of that week's vocabulary words, persuade, means to try to convince others of your point of view.

Election Day--secret ballot, NO DIRTY TRICKS.  The tally was very carefully counted.  At first it was close, but do you want to know who won

We've gone on long enough today.  Next post, we will introduce you to LEO.