Monday, February 25, 2013

"Throw the bums out..."

These kids look like they are scowling at the camera or giving the photographer the "hairy eyeball." No, they are actually American colonialists who are getting increasing angry at the British.  Very, very angry, especially about taxation without representation.

You know what these feelings lead to, don't you?  You're right, one answer is the American Revolution.  Another is the second annual production of...


Some of our readers may already know that the Perkins School kids (and parents and teachers) have published a book called Why Do We Celebrate Evacuation Day? It tells the story of George Washington's first victory against the British during the Revolutionary War. Even more exciting, this victory took place right behind our school. Our book was published in 2007 and is in its third edition.

Last year, we took this story and turned it into a musical play.  This year, we're doing it again.


The rehearsals have begun.  Ms. Lynch is using some music classes to teach or remind the kids of all the original songs written for the show.  Reverend Burns Stanfield, a local pastor and professional musician, is helping the kids learn their lines and dance moves. It doesn't quite look like an uprising yet, but it's amazing how things come together.  Just look at a scene from last year's production... 

Work hard, kids.  We don't have too long until showtime.