Thursday, December 6, 2012

We Won!

Mrs. B's Wellness Warriors have done it again.  The kids entered a contest sponsored by Boston Moves for Health.  The Perkins School only has five pedometers (a pedometer is a little gizmo that measures the distance a person has walked or ran), but five were enough.  The kids shared them to measure how much they moved in gym class.  Sometimes they were running.  On wet or slippery days, they walked around the schoolyard.  They even measured the push-off steps they used to glide when they were learning to ride bicycles with the Boston Bikes program.

Do you know what?  A little bit of skipping here and jogging there really adds up.  Getting exercise and feeling healthy is prize enough, but the Perkins School managed to come in second place in the contest. 

Here is the chart of how many steps we managed to take in a month.  Finding the total would be a good math problem for our upper classes.  Yes, this is just addition, but those numbers of steps are really large!  Okay kids, those of you who are learning estimation, is our monthly total of steps more or less than a million?


One thing we do know is that our average of 832 steps per student got us a prize of $500.  

What is going to happen with that money?  According to Mrs. B, our gym teacher, it might go to buying hockey sticks for the school. Another possibility is that Mrs. B will buy enough pedometers for all the kids to use them.  It's fun to measure your steps and makes you want to take more of them.

Also, says Mrs. B, "our kids really wanted to participate.  They are team players.  They wanted to win for their school."

So keep up the good work, kids.  Maybe you will be able to win again and buy both!