Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a New School Year!

School has started. The teachers came days before to set up their classrooms. Carpets are being cleaned. Books in the halls are being rearranged. Best of all, the kids have now arrived.

What did they find? A sign to greet them at the front door. It's there to welcome back former students and say hello to new ones.

In Ms. Haney's class, as in every other, the kids find their seats. In this classroom it's not hard at all. There is a sign with each kid's name on it. Ms. Haney has been a teacher for a while and has learned a thing or two. She can call each child by name on the very first day.

That's because their signs have their names on both sides and she can read them from almost anywhere in the classroom. On the first day of school like every other, the morning begins with breakfast for every child at the Perkins. In fact, now every kid in the Boston school system is given a morning meal. Experts have found that kids learn better with healthy food in their bellies.

Ms. Hightower, the Perkin's new fifth grade teacher, is already acquainting her new students with how the new year will begin.

Shhh-h-h-h. School is in progress. We need to bow out for several days and let everyone settle into their routines without interruption.

Don't worry. We'll be back.