Monday, April 4, 2011

At Last--We Named That Crane!

If you've been following this story, the kindergarteners were invited to name the crane on the construction site across the street. And in doing so, they learned about voting in a democratic election. Then they had to learn that it can take a while for what you've chosen to actually happen.

In the few weeks between the election and our naming ceremony, the kids still stayed busy. They decorated their corner of the hallway.

They drew pictures of their crane, complete with its new name:


Isn't it a beauty?

Meanwhile, on April 4th, in the construction site, the newly named crane was waiting for them!


Isn't it a beauty?

The kids certainly thought so.

They watched the crane slowly swing its boom (or its neck!)around to say hello.

Or to say thanks.

Who knows?

The kids celebrated with a song, including Yasmeen in the pinky-purple jacket. She is the one who first came up with the name, The Big Giraffe.

Then the rain started to come down harder. It was time for the kids to go in for lunch.

It was time for The Big Giraffe to get to work!