Monday, January 31, 2011

5th Grade MCAS Math--Perkins Style!

Thanks to Ms. Meadows and Ms. Alert and their 3rd graders for all their excellent work on our first MCAS Math week. This week we're turning to the 5th grade.

Just as a reminder:
Sometimes kids feel as if they learn math in school and then they will never use it again. That’s just not true. People on the construction site of Old Colony need all their math skills. They use math all day, every day.

That’s why students everywhere have to study math. We’re going to do it, Perkins Style. We’ll show you a math question from a previous year’s MCAS test for fifth graders. Then we’ll give you another question using real data from the construction site.

Our students can study for their MCAS by solving both problems. Fifth graders, print these out and give them a try! We’ll show a few worksheets on the blog later on this week.

Question 5.1 This is a question from an MCAS test.

Here's our Perkin's version.

This is the floor plan of an apartment being built in Phase One of the Old Colony construction project. It shows how the rooms will be laid out and their dimensions. It even suggests what it will look like with furniture inside!

Bedroom #2, outlined in red, is a square. It is 11 feet long and 11 feet wide. What is the area of the room?

A) 22 square feet
B) 44 square feet
C) 121 feet
D) 121 square feet

Question 5.2: This is a question from an MCAS test.

Here's our Perkins version.

This is a part of a floor plan for one of the apartments being built across the street. The detail you see here is of a bedroom. The red lines in the drawing trace the outer walls of the bedroom. It too is a quadrilateral.

Angle M is:

A) a right angle.
B) an obtuse angle.
C) an acute angle.
D) none of the above.