Friday, December 17, 2010

Mural, Mural On the Wall

A few months ago Ms. Yazbeck, our art teacher, had her fourth grade class go out and sketch some of the Old Colony buildings to be torn down. Then she had them start a mural. Ms. Yazbeck asked the kids to be inspired by their drawings and work to build a neighborhood. "It's all about neighborhood," she said. "It's all about community. This community, past and present and future."

Some of the kids decided to work in groups; others wanted to work on their own. This is what the mural looks like now (don't forget to click on it so you can see it better):

Like the Old Colony renovation, this mural is a work in progress. Right now, there are only a few nods to the future, for example, the building with the blue roof that represents the soon-to-be-built community center topped with solar panels. Also Ms. Yazbeck noticed that there are buildings in this mural but no people. It should be spaces AND faces, she thought. And sidewalks for the people to get around.

We'll have to report back as the fourth grade artists continue to make their civic improvements.